Grant Me Hope: Jackson

When Jackson strikes a pose, he’ll be in a familiar costume, one usually reserved for Peter Parker. “Jackson loves superheroes and his all-time favorite is Spider-Man,” his worker explains. “In fact, Jackson showed off his

Spider-Man costume during our visit with him.” So it’s no surprise that Jackson wants to be Spider-Man when he grows up. If he had three wishes, “He said that he wished he were Spider-Man,” says his worker. “He loves Gmh Jacksonvideo games and his favorite is, of course, Spider-Man.” When he’s not thwarting imaginary criminals, Jackson likes building things, especially with Legos. In addition to his dream of becoming Spider-Man, Jackson wishes every day could be his birthday, and he wants to live to be 1,000. When he’s asked about the qualities he wants in a future forever family, Jackson says he wants one with a mom and dad and cats and dogs. An affinity for Spider-Man wouldn’t hurt, either.

Jackson is an imaginative boy who’s funny and outgoing. “Jackson loves to make people laugh and comes up with new jokes often,” his worker says. Jackson has experienced trauma and benefits from the services he receives to help him process his past. Jackson also receives assistance in school where he does well academically.

Jackson appears to respond better to males rather than females so a family with two male parents or a male and female parent could be better for him,” says his worker. In addition, Jackson would do best as the only or youngest child in the home. Finally, his new forever family must make sure that Jackson receives the services that will help him thrive.

To learn more about Jackson, and the adoption process – click here.

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