Server in Petoskey Receives $2,021 Tip

It’s one of the busiest times of the year.

And since restaurants are unable to provide dine-in service, most aren’t seeing the type of business they usually do.

Some are going out of their way to give a little extra to those in the industry.

One waitress is feeling a little more comfortable after an anonymous couple left her a giant tip.

Becky Beer has been working at J.W. Filmore’s restaurant for 10 years, but she never expected what happened on Tuesday morning.

An anonymous couple left her a tip for $2,021. Beer said she was immediately filled with gratitude and excitement. “I’ve seen it happen before,” she said. “I’ve seen it on the news but just never expected it to happen here, or to me.”Image001

With the current lockdown, restaurants and those who work there have felt the struggle of slow business. “It’s been pretty rough,” said Beer. “We’re doing the best we can doing takeout, but it’s nothing like being open.”

Owner Erika Closs said it especially hurts during this time of the year. “It’s unbelievable that someone would be that thoughtful and generous to do that, especially with the holidays and this time of year and what everyone has been going through,” she said. “With all bars and restaurants being shut down it’s been rough. It’s been really tough.

The anonymous couple that left the tip started the “2020 Just Be Nice Tip Challenge”, and are hoping it will inspire others to show some generosity to those who need it most. Beer said she plans to spend the money on paying off some bills.