Healthy Living: Quarantine & Eating Disorders

More than 30 million women and men in the United States suffer from eating disorders.

COVID-19 can be a nightmare for them, setting off triggers that send them spiraling.

Add on top of that and the stress of the holidays, the combo can become life-threatening.

Today’s Healthy Living speaks with a woman recovering from anorexia and a clinical psychologist at an eating recovery center.

12 28 20 Lr Quarantine And Eating Disorder Pkg.transferSigns to look out for: someone using negative comments about their bodies or other people’s bodies, having extreme emotional responses, wearing larger clothing and avoiding any and all social situations. As restaurants start to reopen, they might also express an exaggerated fear of going out.

For help with eating disorders, visit, where you can also use their chat, call and text hotlines.

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