Happy Healthy Home: 3 Great Habits to Practice for 2021

Many of us are ready to leave the disaster, also known as 2020, behind us, and head into 2021 with a fresh start in mind. But, before you do, you may need to re-evaluate your goals and resolutions for the year ahead. Here are 3 great habits to practice in 2021 from lifestyle contributor, Emily Richett.

Simple Habits for Staying Happy and Healthy in the New Year

Challenge yourself to give your body more hydration. “Hydration is a simple way to make a dramatic improvement on your physical and mental health- being properly hydrated has many benefits from maintaining a healthy weight, to clear skin, to eliminating brain fog,” Emily says. “With running a business, homeschooling, and all of the other commitments I have throughout the week, I don’t dedicate a lot of time to other health goals. I’m always looking for easy ways to get the greatest return and drinking enough quality water is one habit I started intentionally forming this year that I’ll continue into the new year”. Click here to see some of Emily’s hydration hacks.

Try expressing your feelings through writing. “I’ll admit, I used to think journaling was either immature (like a teenage girl diary) or a bit too “woo woo” for me. I was also completely wrong. Earlier this year, before COVID really hit, I was feeling stuck– it was just a tricky stage I was at with the ages of my kids, the pace my business was growing, juggling all the work/life things…  and it was the middle of the winter in Michigan. Out of a bit of desperation to get some clarity, I ended up jotting down notes late one night and created what has become my monthly journaling ritual that has had a really significant impact on my life”. To see Emily’s favorite journal keepers and notebooks, click here.

Make better decisions that not only protect yourself but the earth as well. “There are plenty of little swaps you can make that will benefit not only you but the entire planet, for example, swapping out disposable masks for reusable masks,” explained Emily. “Check out Debrief Me which is planting a tree for every mask sold or these masks from Baby Jack & Co. that have fun prints for kids and come with a lanyard so they don’t lose it at school or on the playground”.

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