Bay Area Recycling for Charities Escape Pods & Pick-Up Services

They’re known as escape pods, tiny homes, and even cozy cottages.  The idea is to use recycled materials to create the small spaces that can be used right in your own backyard.Tiny Homes

Bay Area Recycling for Charities in Traverse City, uses all repurposed materials to create tiny homes for people’s offices, school spaces, and even just a new area to break away from being in the same house on a regular basis.  With more people staying close to home these days, the escape pods provide an outlet.

People can also have the pods custom designed for what would work best for them and their families.

Also, BARC is seeing an increase in their pick-up service for larger items like appliances, mattresses, and couches.  With people cleaning out their homes or just looking for new items, the pick-up services enables larger scale items to stay out of landfills. BARC is able to repurpose what they bring into their facilities.

For more details on the tiny homes or the pick-up services with BARC click here.

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