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Northern Michigan’s ‘Dashing Santa’ Brings Santa Experience to Family’s Homes

During these difficult times, one Santa is making sure he’s spreading Christmas cheer to children and families.

“” has been traveling all over northern Michigan to bring a socially distanced Santa experience.

“It all started when our Thanksgiving plans were canceled and then a lot of people started canceling their Christmas plans to go see Santa at the mall,” said Santa. “I thought, if you can’t go see Santa at the mall, why can’t Santa come see you?”

Santa has been providing socially distanced visits with families in Grand Traverse and Leelanau County.

“The kids are the reason I do this,” said Santa. “Some are so excited, some are so stunned they don’t know what to do. It’s just such a wonderful feeling.”

This month, he visited over 30 families.

“I’ve had so many parents call me and say they were crying because they were so happy that their kids were happy,” said Santa. “It’s been a magical experience for the family all together.”

Santa says this year, more than ever, northern Michigan needs a little bit of that Christmas spirit.

“People are sad they can’t visit their families, children don’t know if Santa’s going to come or not because of Covid…it’s been a crazy year,” said Santa. “The Christmas joy that I bring to these families when I come to see them has been amazing.”

Santa still for a socially distanced visit on Dec. 23 and Christmas Eve.