Health in Focus: Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

“I could barely walk 100 feet from my barn back to the house,” explained Dave Wurster. He is one of the many patients that has undergone minimally invasive spine surgery at Jagannathan NSpine Surgeryeurosurgery. “Now, I’m hunting again, and doing everything. My hat’s off to all the staff, it’s like a miracle”. 

Minimally invasive surgery is a combination of fluoroscopy using x-ray guidance, along with preoperative x-ray imaging, such as an MRI. “Instead of doing a traditional approach which could be a large incision, with minimally invasive procedures this incision is smaller, and can lead to faster recovery times,” said Dr. Jay Jagannathan. He added that it could also be used for many surgeries like lumbar disc herniations to more complicated surgeries.

In Dave’s case, he had a combination of bone spurs that were causing pressure on the nerves, along with some displacement of a couple of vertebrae.  “Dr. Jagannathan walked me through the whole process, and gave me options on what I can do and what not to do after surgery”.

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