Adopt-A-Pet Tuesday: Chocolate, Azraq & Ava

It’s Adopt-A-Pet Tuesday on Michigan This Morning!

This week we have Chocolate, Azraq and Ava– just three of Northern Michigan’s many great, adoptable animals waiting for a loving family to take them home.

First up, meet Chocolate!

He’s a husky mix that can be shy but has a huge personality once you get to know him.

He loves to sit on peoples laps and roll all over you to show how much he likes you.

Chocolate also loves to play fetch and run around outside. His new family will need to be patient as he transitions into a new home.

You can find Chocolate at the Cherryland Humane Society in Traverse City.

Next up, meet Azraq. He’s a Canaan dog mix.

Azraq is just a puppy but has completed a puppy training course. He is even responding to more advance commands like “high five.”

He is also a very active pup and has a lot of love to give. You can meet Azraq at the Great Lakes Humane Society in Traverse City.

Lastly, we have Ava, a tuxedo cat who is 4-years-old. She is extremely affectionate and friendly.

Ava will love to cuddle up with her new owners. Tuxedo cats are known to be very smart and can adjust quickly to new situations.

You can find Ava at the Wexford County Animal Shelter in Cadillac.

Tune in to MTM each Tuesday at 5:20 a.m. and 8:50 a.m. for more lovable Northern Michigan pets in search of families of their own!

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