Making a Magical Centerpiece for Any Occasion

Ordering custom decor for your holiday table, at this point, is impossible. Lead florist and floral educator from Sweetwater Floral, Kalin Sheick shows us how to make some last-minute additions Kalin Centerpieces 1to our holiday table.

First of all, use what’s around you. “Christmas time in Northern Michigan is like a Norman Rockwell painting,” said Kalin. “There are snow-covered pines and evergreens all over, and even in our backyards”. She encourages those who are looking for a last-minute centerpiece to help ‘zhoosh-up’ your table, use bits and pieces from nature. “Take a few evergreens and place them in a vase, and if you don’t have a vase, try a sturdy mason jar or glass”.

Also, check out your local grocery stores to find inexpensive bouquets, especially those with red flowers. “If you have time, add some roses in with the evergreens, it really helps them pop,” she explained.

Every year, Kalin hosts a series of centerpiece and wreath workshops for different holidays. Each of her workshops comes with a kit and an instructional video.

If you’d like to learn more about Sweetwater Floral and their services, click here.

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