Sens. Stabenow, Peters Extend Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

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Michigan senators Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters have announced the passage of their bill, the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

The bill focuses its efforts on stopping the spread of Asian carp and other invasive species, as well as restoring coastlines and preventing future contamination.

The bill reauthorizes and expands funding for the Great Lakes, and expands it for another five years.

Funding will also increase by $25 million per year until 2026 when it reaches $475 million.

Since 2010, the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative has provided more than $2.7 billion to fund 5,449 projects throughout the Great Lakes region. This includes $762 million for 880 projects in Michigan.

The bill passed the House earlier this year and is now heading to President Trump’s desk.

You can find out more about the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative here.