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Retiring Well: Self-Directed IRA’s, Selling Your Home in Retirement

The New Year may have you thinking about retirement, and every weekend on 9&10 News we share some extra tools to help you plan.

The finance tips come to you every Sunday morning on Retiring Well at 11:30 a.m.

Each week they talk about ways to help you get ready for retirement and to protect your financial future.

This week they’ll be explaining self-directed IRA’s, how to go about selling your home in retirement, and how stock market trading can happen even after the closing bell.

“How did the market move before I was even able to trade, right? Well, what people don’t realize is there is after-hours trading that can happen on a lot of platforms. As long as you still have a willing buyer and seller of a stock, they can be trading after hours,” said Larry Flynn, Centennial Wealth Financial Advisor.

Retiring Well is put on by Centennial Wealth Advisory.

You can catch it on 9&10 at 11:30 Sunday morning.