McConnell: Senate With Not Break for the Holiday Without Passing 2nd Relief Bill

12 18 20 Covid Stimulus Deal Vo.transfer

The long-awaited stimulus relief bill appears to be in the final steps of passing through Congress.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says the Senate will not leave town for the holiday without a deal.

In the $908 billion bill most Americans would receive a stimulus check of up to $700. And people who are unemployed would also receive a $300 weekly federal unemployment benefit for four months.

12 18 20 Mcconnell Covid Stimulus Deal Vo.transferOther key points in the new stimulus bill include rental assistance, food assistance, money for schools, vaccine distribution, and $300 billion in aid for small businesses.

McConnell says there is a good chance they will be working through the weekend to pass the new bill.

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