Grant Me Hope: Emmanuel

He is a spunky tween who is looking for parents to love him for who he is. We learned more about Emmanuel, and what he is looking for in a forever family in this edition of Grant Me Hope.

“My name is Emmanuel, but I liked to be called Manny”. Manny is currently in the 6th grade, but like many kids his age, he’s not too fond of school. But, he does enjoy being active in outdoor Gmh Emmanuelactivities like soccer, and playing on the playground. One of his favorite places to visit is Chuck E. Cheese. “I like the video games, pizza, and I like to win tons of tickets for prizes”.

Manny wants everyone to know that he is a very nice person, but his feelings can get hurt very easily. That’s why his forever-family needs to be patient and loving towards his needs. “I want a family that does nice things for me, and sometimes takes me to the store, or just eat some popcorn on a movie night”.

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