The Lamplighter Sculpture Allows Visitors to ‘Light’ Up Downtown Manistee For Limited Time

There is a new piece of art visiting downtown Manistee through the rest of the year.Lamplighter Vo 4

The Ramsdell Regional Center for the Arts has partnered with artists Tyler and Ashley Voorhees to present The Lamplighter.

The sculpture will be on display downtown, next to the Christmas tree, through January 3. 2021.

The Lamplighter sculpture is constructed with dozens of antiquated tools and man-made artifacts in a grand gesture to this humble worker of the past.

The sculpture is also interactive!

Visitors can pedal the stationary bikes surrounding the sculpture to generate light. The artists say the illumination is a nod to the light that we all carry within us and the sculpture symbolizes a collective connection to spread that light.

The four’s Xavier Hershovitz and chief photojournalist Derrick Larr checked the piece out, and talked with one of the artists that created it. Watch the video above to see what they learned, and how to interact with the piece.

To learn more about The Lamplighter, click here.

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