Old Mission Peninsula School Hosts Scavenger Hunt to Keep Students Engaged

The “12 Days of Christmas” is no longer just a song At Old Mission Peninsula School. Old Mission Peninsula School

They are using the classic as a theme to encourage people to get outside and have some fun.

Parents at the school came up with a scavenger hunt to help students with math and to give families something to do together.

Now through the school’s holiday break, you can walk down the trail to find related items while singing the song.

The president of the PTO, Rebecca Schubert, says with the pandemic it’s important to find ways to get out and have some fun.

“We have a lot of virtual students at our campus so they can do this anytime. Parents can come out with their families on the weekends to do it. Especially right now everyone is so cooped up and just getting outside and getting fresh air even if it’s for 10 to 15 minutes just does wonders for everything,” Schubert said.

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