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Hook & Hunting: Taxidermists See Increase of Hunters Wanting to Get Their Deer Mounted

With the record number of hunting and fishing licenses issued this year, taxidermists are also seeing an increase in customers wanting to get their prizes mounted.

However, with the increase in hunters, places that do taxidermy are filling up fast.

In Cadillac, Main Frame Taxidermy says on their voicemail that they’re no longer taking deer for the 2020 season

In Antrim County, Voss Guntzviller, owner of Guntzviller Taxidermy & Spirit of the Woods Museum, says this is because many taxidermists are part time.

However, Voss says if you do get turned down by your local taxidermist, don’t be discouraged.

“Call around, there’s plenty of taxidermists around here. There are six or seven thousand taxidermists in the state of Michigan so somebody will take your deer head.”

Voss said you can also freeze you deer head until the taxidermist is ready for more appointments.