Grant Me Hope: Carson

In this edition of Grant Me Hope, we meet 15-year-old Carson who loves playing video games, action movies, and superheroes. Here’s what he is looking for in a ‘forever- family’. Carson

“I like to play outside, and play basketball. I like to watch movies on my DVD player. I’m just waiting for the new Transformers movie that’s coming out in 2022,” says Carson. He also enjoys chowing down on chicken tenders, hot dogs, and hamburgers.

Carson one day would like to visit Hawaii, “It is beautiful,” he says.

One of his teachers describes him as being “a great leader, very helpful and creative”.

Carson would do well with any type of forever family, but his new parent or parents should have prior experience. His new family will need to make sure Carson receives the services he needs. They also must be open to letting Carson maintain important relationships. Finally, Carson would do best as the youngest child in his new home.

“I would like a family with a dog, and would like a brother and sister,” Carson explained. “I just want a new family”.

Grant Me Hope is a collaboration between the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange, 9&10 News, and the business community.

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