Midland Teacher Saves Student’s Life, Presented Heartsaver Hero Award

A teacher in Midland County used his CPR training to save a student’s life. Now, he’s being honored with the American Heart Association’s Heartsaver Hero Award.

Landon Stanford is an active sixth grader at Jefferson Middle School in Midland.

“Landon has always been our sporty kid, has always been really active and if he’s not outside running around, he’s kicking a ball or playing with the puppy. He’s just very active,” says Landon’s mom, Brandi Staford.

However, at the end of the school day while everyone was playing outside, Landon dropped.

Brent Doty, a sixth grade teacher at Jefferson Middle School says, “Two kids came running up to me and Justin and said Mr. Doty, Landon’s laying on the ground and he needs some help.”

Landon went into cardiac arrest.

That’s when Mr. Doty sprang into action, immediately calling 9-1-1 and started conducting CPR.

“My biggest fear was, had I got to him in time, had I done everything that I could have before they got here and then how he was going to be after all of this,” says Doty.

MidMichigan Medical Center says if Doty hadn’t begun CPR as quickly as he did, it could have caused irreversible brain damage or even death.

“I can’t thank them enough because had they not been so quick in their actions, we probably wouldn’t have had the outcome that we did,” says Brandie Stanford.

Now, Doty is being honored with the American Heart Association’s Heartsaver Hero Award.

And is encouraging everyone to be CPR certified.

“If it can get some other people to get out and get trained and get CPR training and save someone’s life, that’s the main goal,” says Doty.