More Details Released Following Deadly McBain Standoff


We are learning more details about a standoff in McBain that ended with the man who repeatedly shot at police taking his own life.

State police say Dale Dziesinski wrote a 32-page letter about how upset he was with the health care he was getting.

Troopers say Dziesinski also sent threatening letters to the homes of health care workers in the Traverse City area.

The investigation started with those letters, threatening to kill the workers and their families if he did not get the care he was demanding.

The threats also included Dziesinski intending to commit a mass shooting at Munson Hospital.

Sunday morning, state police surrounded his apartment building.Mcbain Standoff Upd Vo 12.transfer

One time when state police tried to approach the building, Dziesinski started shooting at troopers, hitting an armored vehicle.

When state police approached his home around 5 p.m. Sunday, they found Dziesinski took his own life.

Lt. Derrick Carroll, public information officer for the Michigan State Police Seventh District, says “Based on what we saw yesterday and the unwillingness to surrender and his firing on the troopers, leads us to believe he probably would have carried out his threats against those people.”

No law enforcement officers were hurt in the standoff.

MSP says there is no longer a threat to civilians or health care workers.