Audit of Antrim County Vote Tabulating Machines Continues

12 07 20 Antrim Co Audit Vo 5

The audit of Antrim County’s 22 vote tabulating machines continue following the November election.

The county is at the center of a lawsuit, and while President Trump and his legal team are hoping for some evidence of fraud, it turns out the lawsuit is not about the presidential election at all.

Court documents show William Bailey of Central Lake filed suit because of another issue on the ballot: whether to allow one marijuana retailer within the village limits.

On election night that measure ended in a tie, meaning it failed. But three votes were damaged in the machine recount process, and the result shows the measure now passing by one vote. Bailey’s attorney argues without the damaged ballots included, he has lost his constitutional right to have his vote counted.

The audit of the vote tabulators started this weekend and there’s no word yet from the county whether that’s been completed. County officials did not return phone calls or emails requesting an update.

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