Retiring Well: Annuities

The stock market has been on the upswing lately, but the ups and downs have caused many people to reevaluate their retirement portfolio.

There’s a lot to learn, and many terms and definitions can be confusing.

That’s why every Sunday you can find retirement tips on 9&10 News at 11:30 a.m. on the show Retiring Well.

This week they’ll explain the different kinds of bonds, what are known as “put options” and they’ll take a closer look at annuities.

“Talk about annuities. A lot of people hear this, ‘I hate annuities and here’s 10 reasons why.’ Well the truth of the matter is there’s a lot of different kinds of annuities and knowing the difference between them is helpful,” explained Larry Flynn, a financial advisor with Centennial Wealth Advisory.

Retiring Well is put on by Centennial Wealth Advisory.

You can catch it on 9&10 at 11:30 Sunday morning.