Former Grand Traverse Jail Administrator Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement, Willful Neglect of Duty

Former Grand Traverse County Jail administrator Todd Ritter pleaded guilty to embezzlement by a public official, common law offenses and willful neglect of duty by a public officer.

As part of the plea deal, charges of criminal sexual conduct and larceny will be dropped.

Ex-captain Todd Ritter had been charged with sex crimes, larceny and embezzlement.

Back in October, Ritter rejected a plea offer made by the attorney general’s office.

Attorney General Dana Nessel’s team says Ritter had sexual encounters with former inmates on county time and property and also bought some ex-inmates gifts with his government-issued credit card.

He was also accused of inappropriately touching a female inmate at the jail, which he was in charge of supervising. Further, investigators said he stole drug test kits from the county.

Over the course of years, investigators said he spent thousands in county tax dollars to deliver food and gifts to former inmates and even took at least one woman with him during a work-related trip that required a hotel stay.

Todd Ritter served more than 20 years with the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office.