Data Shows COVID-19 Cases Rising in Rural Northern Michigan


COVID-19 cases are on the rise all over and not just in places with big populations.

District Health Department #10 in northern Michigan says from Thanksgiving to Wednesday this week they reported more than 1,000 new cases in their 10 county jurisdiction.

We wanted to know just how much cases in rural areas are increasing.

Highlighted counties in the graphic below make up preparedness region seven, which includes much of northern Michigan.

The next graphic is the monthly peaks for daily cases in that region.

These cases are by date of the onset of symptoms, not just how many new cases were reported each day.

You can see that the recent numbers in northern Michigan are eclipsing the ones we saw this spring.

Let’s compare that to the 2N region.

That’s just three counties.

But, there are a lot more people living here than in all of region seven.

You can see that the spring hit this area harder, summer trended much the same, with similar skyrocketing numbers come fall.