CMU Wraps Up Fall Semester: Success and Lessons Learned

Central Michigan University just wrapped up its fall semester, with the majority of in-person classes, in the midst of a global pandemic.

“We very much finished the semester where we wanted to,” says CMU President Bob Davies

In august, CMU was one of the first universities in the state to resume in-person learning.

President Davies says although they took the heat initially, it proved to be instrumental in achieving their goal for in-person learning.

“Those first two weeks we did see a spike in cases throughout our university. We also used that as a learning point for our students and really positively said, these are the things we need to do to slow down the spread, this is what we need to do to continue in person learning,” says President Davies.

By starting two weeks early, CMU able to finish all of their semester work the day before Thanksgiving.

“Our students really took that responsibility seriously. And within a very short order, we had those case counts down to a very, very low number,” says President Davies.

Darian Bird graduated from Central Michigan University. He says although this semester was unlike any other, he was happy with how CMU handled the virus.

“I was definitely very relieved at the way that they handled it because I will be honest with you, I was myself and many other people when school started, I had the expectation that we would be shut down before Halloween and we made it till just about December,” says Bird.

Now CMU is planning ahead and looking back on the lessons learned.

President Davies says, “As we look at things that we could do better, this upcoming semester we will start the first week on instruction remote. To give students a chance to get back on campus, but again, not to have as many interactions and have people on the administration side.”

Keeping tabs on what worked in order to keep students in the classroom.

“I’m most proud that our students took the leadership role, I’m proud that our faculty showed incredible innovation and willingness to adapt. I’m really proud that our staff really rose to the challenge and ask how we continue to support our students along their academic journey,” says President Davies.