Proposed Legislation Aims to Improve Michigan’s Film Industry

New legislation was presented in Michigan on Thursday that would give incentive to film production companies who operate in the state.

A base tax credit starting at 25% will be provided for in-state spending.

There would be an additional 5% given if a ‘Filmed in Michigan’ logo is included. The legislation was introduced by State Representative Robert Wittenberg who said it’s all about Michigan jobs.

Rich Brauer, Owner of Brauer Productions based in Traverse City sees the legislation as a great opportunity. “The new [legislation] averages about 25 percent, which is more in keeping with the other 30 states that are out there,” he said. “We’re not creating anything completely radical here. Most of the states in the union are doing this.”

Rep. Wittenberg said this would be a small first step to rebuilding Michigan.