Meat Processors Across Michigan Help Feed the Hungry with Venison

Every year, Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger works with meat processors across the state, providing thousands of pounds of donated venison to feed those in need. Last season, they distributed 85,000 pounds of deer meat, resulting in 340,000 meals.

Over the last two months, they’ve managed to collect 5,000 pounds of venison.

Most processors don’t report their totals until January. Each one collects the donations to clean and then hand them over to a charitable organization.

Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger then reimburses them for processing expenses through donations they’ve received from hunters and anglers when they purchase their licenses.

Owner of Lashuay’s Custom Meat Processing and Sausage, Yvonne Lashuay says they’ll give the nine deer they’ve received to a local food pantry. “I just want to thank the hunters that do donate,” she said. “That’s a pretty big deal to a lot of people because it’s not just a few people that are benefitted through the food pantry.”

There are 34 processors across the state that work with Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger.