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Giving the Gift of Hearing: Cheboygan Doctor’s Annual Hear for the Holidays Contest

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Dr. Kathleen Eimers has had her hearing clinic for about three years.

Last year, she started something that would not just change her life but the lives of those in need in the community.

Her goal is to help people hear for the holidays.

This year, is hosting their second annual Hear for eh Holidays contest. She is looking to give someone in need the gift of hearing aids.

For last year’s winner, it was life changing.

John Bohn works hard each day making sure shelves are stocked and families are fed at the Save-a-Lot in Cheboygan.
“It was kind of gradual over the years,” John said.

He slowly started struggling to hear.

“I just kind of rolled with it. Until it got to be to a point where it got to be pretty bad,” John said. “I wouldn’t get involved in a conversation because I couldn’t, I didn’t want to ask all the time ‘what did you say? What did you say?’ So I would just stay out of the conversation. But I just kind of decided I wasn’t going to spend the money on hearing aids.”

His daughter had other plans…

Last year she entered him into Dr. Eimers’ Hearing for the Holidays contest where he had the chance to win a free pair of hearing aids.

“It just really tugged on my heart, so I chose him,” Dr. Eimers said of John’s story. “We don’t really realize how important hearing is until we don’t have it. We take for granted we can have a casual conversation with a friend or hear our grandchildren say I love you. “

Her gift forever changing John’s life.

“As soon as she turned them on, my hand scratched my coat, and I could hear that. It was like ‘holy cow,’ I couldn’t believe it,” John said. “That was a tremendous gift, very generous. I can’t thank her enough and I can’t thank my daughter enough for writing the essay and entering me into the contest.”

A gift Dr. Eimers plans to keep giving.

“They’re a medical device, they’re expensive, and or some people it’s just not an option for them,” Dr. Eimers said. “If I can be known as the doctor that gives away hearing aids at Christmas that would just be the best thing to be known for.”

To nominate someone for Dr. Eimers’ Hear for the Holidays contest,