Dead Bear Brewing Co. Knocks Down Wall In Order to Have Outdoor Seating

A restaurant in Grayling is knocking down a wall in order to have outdoor seating.

The owner of Dead Bear Brewing Co. says the health department told him that they needed to have three walls open in order to be considered outdoor dining… so he decided to knock down a wall.

“We knocked down that wall and we’re ready to rock.” Says Travis Krebs partner and brewer of Dead Bear Brewing Co.

Krebs says with the health department’s current order on only take out and delivery, they weren’t making ends meet.

“We’ve basically been bleeding all November; it’s almost been like PR; let’s stay open so that people know we’re open and we’re here to serve them,” says Krebs.

For years they’ve had two walls in the patio section open, however the health department says they need three.

Krebs says, “It’s a heated outdoor patio that we’ve used for years, now we have to be compliant with the health departments orders, so it’s like hey, we can tear that wall down.”

Wayne Koppa has been a regular customer for years. He says he’s happy with the new renovation.

“I think it’s great, they’ve always been very helpful here, so if it took just a little small effort like knocking down a wall to take care of their customers, it’s not surprising,” says Koppa.

Now Krebs says bring your coat, hat and boots because they’re ready to serve:

“Hopefully people will go, hey let’s get in there, let’s support these guys, let’s keep these small businesses going,”

Dead Bear Brewing Co. officially opens their outdoor seating for customers Thursday night.