Trump Campaign Lawyer Brings Witnesses of ‘Voter Fraud’ to Michigan Hearing

The House Oversight Committee held a hearing in which Trump Campaign Lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, testified about widespread voter fraud. Rudy In Lansing

At this point, there has been no evidence presented to show widespread voter in Michigan or any other state.

Many witnesses claimed to observe fraud in both counting and software safety.

Representatives got the opportunity to ask questions, following testimony.

At times, even getting a bit contentious.

“When we examine the poll book and we count those numbers, would they not line up with the total number of votes coming out of Detroit?” said Rep. Steve Johnson.

A witness, Melissa Carone, responds, “The poll book is completely off, completely off. That poll book is off by over 100,000.”

Eventually, committee members were able to question Giuliani directly with him repeatedly standing behind the witness testimony.

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