Newton’s Road Launches Career Website for Students

Newton’s Road launched a new website for youth to discover potential careers in STEM.

Newtons Web ImageIt’s called the Career Investigator and it’s geared toward eighth through twelfth grade students focusing on high demand STEM-related jobs.

Students can choose a family of careers such as healthcare, manufacturing, technology, or trades, spin the “wheel of careers,” and find out more information about what a career is and where they can study it locally.

There are also local advantage pathways that show students what they need to be enrolled in at local colleges to enter their chosen career.

“You can filter it by which careers have local education and training available and you can also search is it one of the careers in the hot jobs report, for instance,” said Newton’s Road Northwest Executive Director Barb Termaat. “That’s another way to kind of help you to decide if those things matter to you.”

Newton’s Road is looking for more businesses to partner with on the Career Investigator website that offer STEM-related careers and who would be interested in sharing information with students.

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