Senate Oversight Committee Hears Election Fraud Testimony

Even after the state election results were certified last month, the fight continues over the legitimacy of the elections in Michigan .

Tuesday, the Senate Oversight Committee held a hearing to hear testimony of people with first hand knowledge of the happenings at the TCF center in Detroit on Election Week.Senate Oversight Hearing Pic

Several people spoke of irregularities and moments of fraud in front of a panel of senators.

With protesters outside the building loudly chanting their support for President Trump, the senators were able to question the validity of claims made in the testimony.

“You have continued to repeat information about Antrim County and then when you are corrected with the testimony this committee already heard, you just go back and repeat the same old misconstrued statements about what happened in Antrim County,” said Senator Jeff Irwin to former state senator Patrick Colbeck as he testified about potential fraud in the tabulator system. “So forgive me it’s difficult, after reading these lawsuits, and listening to your testimony to understand, what you’re even talking about.”

The House Oversight Committee is holding a hearing tomorrow evening. Trump campaign lawyer, Rudy Guiliani, is expected to speak at the hearing.

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