Despite Improved COVID-19 Numbers, Gov. Whitmer Cautious of Coming Weeks

The state has seen their COVID-19 numbers not only plateau, but start to decrease and the Governor’s office puts a lot of that on the “Three Week Pause the Department of Health and Human Services put in effect a couple weeks ago.

When Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced the state was going into a three week pause, not many people believed that’s all it was going to be. Now Michigan is two weeks through this phase and Tuesday Governor Whitmer updated the progress.December 1 2 Original.jfif

“We beat COVID-19 the last time by listening to public health experts,” said Whitmer, “And we can beat it again.”

In early November, Michigan saw COVID-19 case numbers and positivity rates higher than ever before. But over the last two weeks, the numbers have taken a turn for the better.

“We are cautiously optimistic,” said Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, the state’s chief medical executive.

Cases are down, positivity rates are down, hospitalizations are still high but the entire state is seeing positive movement.

“All regions of the state have seen declines in cases over the past 7 to 15 days,” said Dr. Khaldun.

So does that mean the three week pause worked and will be ended next Wednesday as scheduled?

“At this point in time, it’s just too early to say precisely where we will be in a few days,” said Whitmer, “Much less next week.”

Thanksgiving and the gatherings that came with it will be the ultimate X-Factors. When asked if the pause will be removed all at once or in phases, she again tempered her words.

“We’re not at that point in time,” said Whitmer, “I wish I could tell you more but it’s just premature.”

Tuesday also began lame duck session at the Capitol. Whitmer asked for the legislature to consider three things, a $100 million state stimulus plan, a state wide mask mandate and taking the expanded unemployment benefits and making them permanent.

The House and Senate have eight more session days scheduled over the next three weeks.

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