Artist Profile: Katie Lowran

We explore the wonderful works by the talented Katie Lowran.  She showcases her creations, and explains how a tragic moment and her passion for colors were the inspiration to become an artist.Katie Lowran

Who are you?

“I am Katie Lowran and I reside in Traverse City. I’ve been here for 18 years.”

How did you get started?

“Well, like many of us, sometimes bad things happen. I had a devastating loss a few years ago, and shortly after that, I had like a “Field of Dreams” moment. I went to go buy a tube of electric blue paint, and I started to paint. The feeling was so strong and compelling, it was like a very strong pull. And, I’ve painted over 100 pieces in the last two years.”

What are your favorite mediums?

“I work with vibrant colors of acrylic paints, and I use a lot of layering in those paints so it’s a pretty emotional experience.”

What inspires you?

“Passion is all about passion. It’s inspired by those moments, whether it be from a person, a place, or a memory that those things leave us breathless.”

What do you hope people get from your pieces?

“I hope that people have a feeling of being moved or touched when they spend time in my work. And then, that they act in a manner of kindness following that moment.”

For more information about Katie Lowran and her artwork, click here.

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