Two Men Rescued After Slipping Off Ludington Breakwall

Saturday afternoon two men were swept off the breakwall in Ludington.

Both men were saved and kept alive thanks to the quick response of two DNR officers and a Mason County Sheriff’s deputy.

The sheriff says one of the men was able to swim back to the wall but the second needed rescue by the police, using throw ropes and life jackets to risk their own safety to reach the man.Ludington Breakwall Pic

This equipment was recently added to the county police cars after Mason County had an unusual amount of drownings in 2019 and wanted to be better prepared for these moments.

“Without the throw rope and the availability of the vests and the training that the DNR, the Coast Guard and our deputies do on a regular basis throughout the summer, those three things combined with that saved Saturday,” says Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole, “There would’ve been a family that would not have ever forgotten this Thanksgiving weekend.”

The second man was only in the water for 10-15 minutes but still needed to be treated for hypothermia.