Healthy Living: Groundbreaking Gene Replacement Therapy

Gene replacement therapy: it’s a game changer when it comes to treating life-threatening illnesses.

It can replace disease-causing genes with healthy genes, knock out a gene that’s not working right, or add a new gene to the body to help fight disease.

To date, the FDA has approved four types of gene therapy including one that was given the O.K. just in time to save one little boy’s life. Hl Gene Replacement Therapy Pkg 5.transfer

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Doctors don’t know if the one-time infusion will last a lifetime or will have to be repeated and there could be a possible risk of inflammation to the liver that doctors will closely monitor.

The gene replacement therapy costs $2.1 million.

Insurance paid for most of it, but Alex hopes sales from his children’s book will help pay the rest.

You can find the book “A Cowboy and His Horse” on Amazon.

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