Giving Thanks by Giving Meals Donates to Local Traverse City Nonprofits

While downtown restaurants are closed for dine in services, the Traverse City DDA wanted to get creative to help them make money while giving back to the community.

Since then they’ve created their Giving Thanks by Giving Meals project.

Director of Community Development for the Traverse City DDA, Katy McCain says, “We really realized that it’s going to be hurting our restaurants. Those three weeks will be tough  especially with people out and about for the holidays, they can’t go in to eat.”

Community members can buys a $10 meal from downtown restaurants and those eateries will turn around and donate the food to a local nonprofit.

Last week they donated to Munson Healthcare workers.

“We provided 191 meals to those who are on the frontline fighting COVID. So it was nice to be able to put a smile on some of their faces,” said McCain.

They are also donating meals to the Goodwill Inn and Women’s Resource Center.

McCain says, “We also have other organizations like the health department, Northwest Michigan Supportive Housing is going to be receiving some meals, addiction treatment services.”11 29 20 Giving Thanks By Giving Meals Pkg

Monday the Flying Noodle and Greenhouse Cafe will deliver meals to Northwest Michigan Supportive Housing.

NMSH Executive Director, Becca Binder says, “It’s just a beautiful time for our community to demonstrate that we’re also thinking about a lot of the people that are served in our community“

She says their families need extra support during the shutdown.

“For a lot of our families with children, of course we know that school is an access to meals. Through schools are limited, so just being able to provide this extra piece of meal,” said Binder.

If you’re interested in purchasing a meal to donate, you can visit the Giving Thanks by Giving Meals website here: