Santa Delivers Presents to Missaukee County Families

Every year, Sara Crawford and her family work countless hours to make sure Lake City’s “Lighting by the Lake” event runs smoothly.

This year they had to cancel this year’s event because of the Coronavirus.

Instead, they teamed up with local businesses to spread some Christmas Cheer throughout Missaukee County.

“We had already had volunteers, people that wanted to get involved. So we had to think of something else to do,” said Sara Crawford. “We had all the stuff given to us and ready to participate so we decided this was the next best thing.”

100 families living in the area put their names into a drawing.

Two of them were chosen to win not only Christmas gifts, but also a surprise from Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Sara says, “We have a Christmas tree, we have Christmas dinner, we have just under $500 in gift cards for both families for local merchants.”

Evelyn Johnson was one of the winners.

She says when she put her name in the drawing, she wasn’t expecting too much.

Evelyn says, “We never like win anything but since it’s such a small community we were like well why not?”9b61f447 F699 41dd 852d Cdfb307b2fac

She says this is already making the holidays a little brighter for her children.

“I know COVID has kind of made everything hard for everybody and they’ve been stuck home with mom for the most part all day every day,” said Evelyn.

Sara Crawford says right now this is is one thing the community can do in order to bring families more holiday cheer.