GTPulse: Bubbie’s Bagels Gives Away Babka To TC Restaurant Crews

Bread and cake textures meet in babka, a delicious Jewish tradition that is sweet with layers of chocolate or cinnamon swirls. Deli’s and bakeries all over the country have taken to serving up the delicious treat, and it’s easy to see why. Babka’s unique looking swirls and texture command attention. Similar to how biscuit dough is layered in between butter for its tall and fluffy stature, babka is made with laminated dough. Sam Brickman knows a thing or two about babka.

He’s the owner of Bubbie’s Bagels, a Traverse City-based bagel shop that’s been in business since February of this year, and he’s giving away babka randomly throughout the holiday season to your favorite hardworking restaurant crews.

A culinary background was the precursor to the bagel shop. Sam went to culinary school in Denver before returning to metro Detroit and cooking at some of the area’s finest restaurant kitchens. His passion for starting a bagel shop came from a gap in availability around town. He also has fond memories of bagels and other baked goods from his Jewish American roots.

“Bagels are specific and understood, and we make authentic boiled and baked bagels with a super crispy exterior and a fluffy interior. Being Jewish and growing up in suburban Detroit and being surrounded by all of the bagel shops there, it just kind of made sense to bring that to Northern Michigan.”

With a large portion of the business being to-go orders, Bubbie’s has been in a unique position to succeed amid the pandemic. They opened just a month before the madness, and initially, Sam didn’t want to do call-in orders. So for their first three weeks in business, they were selling out of bagels before noon. He hoped that the community’s zeal for bagels would spill over into a to-go and curbside service.

“We didn’t have a lot of time to think about it too much with each new restriction. We had been open for about three weeks with dine-in service, we had 15 seats in here. It was predominantly takeout, and when the lockdown began we shut our doors and started doing curbside only. I didn’t want people to call in when we first opened, I wanted them to come in and see the bagels and cream cheeses and everything we offered, so those first three weeks open we weren’t doing call-ins. Then COVID hit and we were only taking call-in orders. There was a lot of learning,” he said.

The bagel shop continued to thrive with the new model, and with folks eating bagels the way Sam and tradition intend – untoasted. For freshly made bagels, toasting is unnecessary. Toasting is supposed to be used as a way to crisp up overly soft, commercial bagels, or revive day-old fresh ones. But fresh bagels are meant to be enjoyed the day they’re made with as much or as little cream cheese as you please.

Babka can be enjoyed by you and your working pals and loved ones too. Sam and Nick Viox partnered up to bring your workplace a little cheer and a little babka. The rules are simple when a post on their Instagram @BubbiesBagels is made about a babka giveaway, you just comment your favorite restaurant crew to nominate them. The one with the most will get a fresh babka to enjoy delivered to them by a friendly Nick Viox. 

“Nick and I have become good friends since I moved up here. He does a lot for the community, and between COVID and the holiday season I thought it would be fun to give away a babka every once in a while for the holiday giving season. He was totally on board. Nick, as I’ve learned over time, loves Jewish culture so it’s been really fun.”

If you’re looking for more from Bubbie’s Bagels, they’re offering holiday deli and pastry trays available now for pre-order that consist of other traditional favorites like potato latkes and rugelach, a cream cheese dough cookie with different filling. 

Whether you’re looking for a way to make the holidays more delicious or a way to spoil your favorite restaurant team, Bubbie’s is ready to serve the community they love.

“From when we first opened up, to when we had to switch to call-ins, everyone has been so supportive. Seeing that from the TC community has been pretty awesome.”

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