Big Rapids Police Say Thanksgiving Gunfire Appears to be an ‘Isolated and Reckless Act’

A bullet was found in an apartment in Big Rapids Thanksgiving morning after reports of gunfire shortly after midnight.

Big Rapids Police say they investigated reports of the gunshots, which were heard by an officer in the area of 300 block Morrison Ave.

Police spoke with residents and found other people who heard the shots, but didn’t learn any new information.

Officers were recanvassing the area Thanksgiving morning when a tenant reported a bullet hole through her window. The bullet was found on her floor.

No injuries were reported.

It continues to be under investigation, but for now Big Rapids Police say there “appears to be no danger to the public.”

On Facebook, the police department said it appears to be an “isolated and reckless act.” Anyone with information should contact detectives at 231-349-0283 or 231-527-0005.