Better Business Bureau: Small Business Saturday

“Small Business Saturday” is more important than ever this year. Many communities are making a call out for patrons to visit their local shops instead of big box stores.

Troy Baker from the Better Business Bureau suggests trying to find the item that you need or want from the small businesses in your community first. “These local shops with work with you in trying to find that item, you’re not going to get that kind of service from the larger, corporate stores”. Troy stresses the fact that small businesses not only help the local economy grow, but they also give back to the community they reside in. “From the soccer team to organizations, they are always to supporting each other, so we need them to keep on doing that, and the only way to do it, it to buy from them”.

Due to COVID-19, some stores may have changed their hours and policies. The best way to keep track of that is to look at the business’s website or social media accounts.

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