Amazon Announces Bonuses for Frontline Workers; Employees Globally Stage Black Friday Protests

Amazon announced half a billion dollars of holiday bonuses to its frontline workers.

A special one-time holiday bonus of $300 will go to each one of its full-time, frontline employees.

Part-time workers get $150.

Amazon says the bonus is in appreciation of employees’ hard work as the holiday shopping season nears its peak.

But some might consider it hazard pay, since nearly 20,000 of Amazon’s workers have contracted the coronavirus.

It’s important to note, Amazon tripled its profits in the last quarter.

The company has a record of mistreating employees.

Friday, Amazon workers staged coordinated Black Friday protests in 15 countries.

They are demanding Amazon respect workers’ rights to participate in union activity, stop circumventing tax laws, and commit to higher environmental standards.


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