US Battles High COVID-19 Deaths as Thanksgiving Arrives

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New records are being shattered every day in the U.S.

With Thanksgiving upon us, the U.S. is still battling a massive surge of Coronavirus infections and deaths.

Just Wednesday the nation added another 2,000 deaths and another 90,000 new cases.

California has now broken the record for most infections in a day with more than 18,000 cases.

And in Rochester, New York, the situation is getting so dire that they are asking for more medical staff from other states. Even asking for some nurses to come out of retirement.

Dr. Andrew Badley, Chair of the Mayo Clinic’s COVID Research Task Force, says, “We had about 1,400 of our staff who were out either with COVID or COVID restrictions.”

Health experts are concerned about a new wave of infections following Thanksgiving.

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