Hook & Hunting: Deer Check Quota

Attention hunters, the Michigan Farm Bureau desperately needs more deer to be tested for tuberculosis.

Especially from the counties of Alcona, Alpena, Montmorency, Oscoda and the surrounding counties.

If the state does not receive enough tests from the area, the USDA can downgrade the state’s rating, which would force heavy costs and restrictions on the cattle and dairy industries.Deer Footage New.mov

Essentially it will be assumed there is a rampant disease issue in the cattle population and each animal would have to be tested.

“That could be detrimental for the whole cattle industry of Michigan,” says Ernie Birchmeier, Dairy and Livestock Specialist with the Farm Bureau, “Every animal would have to be tested, if that’s what the USDA rules needs to be done. It certainly we need to avoid having to do that, simply from a cost standpoint but really a human resources standpoint.”

The state has only collected just over a third of the required tests so far. The deadline to meet the quota is December 31st.

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