Biehl’s Turkey Farm Finishes a Successful Thanksgiving

James Biehl and his wife, Anelyn, say their turkey farm is already much quieter.

They started preparing and packing turkeys weeks ago gearing up for this Thanksgiving.

James says, “It’s a lot more peaceful now and we can regain our thoughts and sanity. We had 4,100 turkeys and they’re all packed away and boxed and sold all- but about 95% percent of them.”

Because of lack of volunteers, the Biehls were worried they may not be able to finish all of the work, but they ended up getting some help from the community.

“We started out with a struggle but between my wife and two or three of the other workers, we had a really good core of hard workers which kind of led the way,” said James Biehl.

He says these new volunteers made it possible for other to enjoy their holiday meals.

James said, “In the beginning we didn’t know if we were going to get through it but as the time went on people got a little better.”

He says they look forward to seeing those volunteers next year.

“I think we’ve got a good foundation for next year now because we had about two of three new people that just loved working and said that they can’t wait to come back next year,” said James.

For now, they are excited to take a break from turkeys.9112b64d 98d3 46ac A354 C3471af73c8e

Jame says, “Yeah, we’re going to put turkey on the back burner for a while and then in the spring time we will prepare for another season.”

The Biehls still have turkeys available and will start taking orders for Christmas.