Shoppers Prepare for Thanksgiving Dinner, Stock Up for Post Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just a day away, which means people are out shopping for those last-minute items for their Thanksgiving table.

“Anything and everything, I’m trying to get everything out of the way for Thanksgiving,” says Savanna Borce from Tustin.

Turkey, stuffing and pie, customers at the Cadillac Meijer are grabbing those thanksgiving favorites. However, it’s not the only thing shoppers are putting in their carts today.

“I think everybody’s shopping big, trying to get everything especially with the COVID numbers being like they are, they’re probably trying to stock up while they can,” says Borce.

For Thanksgiving and the winter ahead, amid this pandemic.

Carlton Kohler from Cadillac says, “We’re buying a little bit of everything, so it’s a mixture of everything. Just things that in the event that we need them with the storms coming in or whatever’s going on we figured we would have some stuff for our pantry.”

Store Director Brandon Sutton says they’re fully staffed and prepared for the rush:

“We’re anticipating a busy holiday season and we’re making sure we have all of our products ready for the customer and we are anticipating the customer’s needs. We look forward to a good holiday season.”

While there may be fewer plates passed around the thanksgiving table this year, spirits are still high.

“Anybody who wants to pop in is always welcome, but we’re just kind of playing it by ear, having it low key this year,” says Vicki Mosher from Marion. “We’re still grateful for everything we have.”

The Cadillac Meijer will be open until midnight Wednesday then back open Thursday for Thanksgiving from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m.