Holiday Travelers Say Following COVID-19 Precautions is a Personal Responsibility

Travelers coming through the Cherry Capitol Airport in Traverse City have said the busiest spot to be in the airport during the holidays is the baggage claim.

This year, not so much.

Traveler David Shiflett says, “I’m used to seeing this very crowded- well, busy. Travel has certainly changed from my world where I spent 172 nights in hotels last year. I’ve spent 15 so far this year.”

David is a frequent traveler and is just returning from a trip downstate.

He says airlines and car rental services have been working hard to make it safe for people to travel.

“I think the people that travel are pretty cognizant of this and I hear stories of the airlines asking people to leave,” Shiflett said. “I have friends that I work with that still travel by air quite a bit, almost weekly. They feel more safe now than ever on the airplanes.”

Adriana Orsini is a Northern Michigan native coming back home from Nashville for the holidays. She says right now people traveling need to stay consistent with their COVID-19 safety.0fc32e43 7adc 4018 A4f7 27c3af5ce132

Orsini said, “If you do decide to travel, that responsibility is on you. Then being aware of your surroundings when you get where you’re going as well. So, you want to maintain that throughout your trip.”

She has even spoke with her family about precautions she is going to take while spending time at home.

“That’s not that worst thing in the world. I’ll wash my hands, we’ll be separated, I’m not going to hug you. It’s like, that’s a sacrifice you can make,” says Orsini.

The few travelers we spoke to said they are willing to make the sacrifice of doing extra COVID-19 precautions if it means seeing loved ones.

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