Emmet County EMS Receives New Disinfecting Equipment

Emmet County EMS has received a new piece of equipment that will improve the way they use disinfectants. Emmet County Ems

The Aeroclave RDS 3110 can clean equipment, vehicles, and even entire rooms with EPA approved, hospital grade chemicals.

It will be available to local hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, clinics, and other healthcare organizations served by the Region 7 Healthcare Coalition in northern Michigan.

Director for Emmet County EMS, Randy Weston says this equipment is unique because of its ability to switch modes, depending on what needs to be disinfected.

“We used it the other day to disinfect the back of the ambulance, which is a small compartment area,” said Weston. “You can close it off, activate it, and leave the area while it fogs to the area or room and disinfects it.” 

Weston said this equipment will be a valuable resource for area healthcare professionals.