Body by Jake: Getting Motivated Physically and Mentally During the Pandemic

For several years, Jake Steinfeld has made a name for himself in the health and fitness world. Also known by his brand, Body by Jake he shares how he 11 25 2020 The Four Body By Jake Pkg.00 02 50 00.still017is getting everyone motivated to “Get Fit, Don’t Quit” even when the gyms are closed.

“I was the first guy to do personal fitness training and made it an occupation going to all the big Hollywood star’s homes, and I used a broomstick, a towel, two cans of Mama’s tomato paste, and a chair,” stressed Jake. “You can do this at home, just getting your body moving”. Jake encourages to use what you have around you to incorporate into a fitness routine. He wasn’t joking about using cans or a broom.

Jake also encourages us to get the whole family involved, especially during the biggest food-themed holidays, like Thanksgiving. “We have the holidays right here. Let’s all before the big meal do some exercise. Take a little walk around the block. If it’s snowing outside, stay inside the house and do some sit-ups and push-ups”.

He says to start slowly, and then increase your reps and steps each day. “It’s really important that if you’re exercising – your mood is raised and you feel better, and you stand up a little bit taller. And, it’s that upward spiral of success”.

Please consult your doctor first to make sure these exercises are right for you.

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