Taste the Local Difference: Harwood Gold Store & Cafe

Sweet and savory are the wonderful flavors you can experience while at the Harwood Gold Store & Cafe in Charlevoix. From their perfectly prepared Syrup Amberpastries and hearty pies to their preserve products, here’s how you can take home some of these goodies for the holidays.

“Right now, our biggest seller is our classic maple syrup,” said Amber Parsons, who is a fifth-generation maple syrup farmer, and the co-owner of Harwood Gold. “We’ve been making this maple syrup in our families since 1898, and it is kind of the backbone of our business”. Their products use the natural sweetness of maple syrup, including their Farm-Style Sriracha sauce and Farm-Style Ketchup. “There’s no high fructose corn syrup, no refined sugars, no emulsifiers, and no preservatives in our products”.

You can order Harwood Gold’s products through their online store, or pick them up at their brick & mortar location at 230 Bridge Street in Charlevoix.

Their cafe features a seasonal menu including handmade fruit and meat pies, coffees, cookies, and more. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, their entrees, desserts, and drinks are only available via carry out at this time. Click here for more information.

For more information on how to support and shop at local stores and farms, click here.

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