Firefighters Battle Massive Fire at Penney’s Lumber Near Houghton Lake

Firefighters are battling a massive fire at a Roscommon County lumber yard.

Tuesday morning emergency crews were called out to Penney’s Lumber.

At this point, they do say the fire is contained.

The lumber yard is on Houghton Lake Drive in Prudenville.

It’s just northeast of downtown.

The Denton Township fire chief says they got a call about a fire starting at Penney’s Lumber just before 8 a.m.

The fire has since spread to two homes that sat next to the lumber yard, and those homes are destroyed.

The fire chief says the fire is contained as of right now, but firefighters are still working to put out hot spots.

The two families who lived in the homes next to the lumber yard have been evacuated.

“It’s sad to see them lose their homes, especially this time of year, actually any time you have a fire that they lose their homes. The Red Cross will probably be taking care of them, but I’m not sure where they’re going to go from here,” said Paul Tiepel, Denton Twp. fire chief.

The chief says they’ll likely be calling in the fire marshal to do an investigation due to the size of the fire.